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图片来源:GetTyimages / Eskymaks
图片来源:GetTyimages / Eskymaks

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Sugar reduction has become a macro health trend among consumers who believe the dietary shift leads to general wellness and health, according to Euromonitor research.

Consumers are increasingly citing sugar reduction as one of their top health priorities, particularly when it comes to weight management. According to the global market intelligence firm's Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition Survey, more than half (53%) of consumers surveyed cited“Eat less sugar”作为他们首选的减肥方法。

当被问及2020年避免糖的原因时,有58%的受访者列举了一般回避,表明这简直就是“better for me to avoid it,”followed by it“makes me feel healthier,”noted by 57% of respondents.

"These results show that consumers are choosing to avoid sugar with the desire to increase general wellness and for a feeling of healthiness. More consumers are prioritizing the idea of feeling good by taking a proactive, long-term approach,"Euromonitor全球行业经理Maria Mascaraque,他指出,消费者的态度已经转移,将糖视为反对他们的健康和健康目标。




因此,消费者对高强度甜味剂的感觉如何“自然”sources such as stevia and monk fruit?




While natural sweeteners are still seen as acceptable by many consumers, added Mascaraque, the ideal way forward for manufacturers would be to maximize the appeal of their products without the use of additional sweetening agents giving rise to“不添加糖”索赔出现在许多产品上。

“消费者希望放心,甜度是尽可能源于内在成分的,因此制造商的'无糖定位''添加''''添加''定位越来越多地接受,”she said.

Globally, no added sugar claims have been more prevalent in the beverage sector than package foods, however that is beginning to shift, said Mascaraque noting that baby food has the largest proportion of no-added sugar claims at 5% of the total category SKU count in 2020.

"The proportion of products using the no added sugar claim is still low, despite clear signs the claim complements current consumer attitudes towards sugar. This would suggest increased adoption of the claim could be seen going forward,"she said.

Sugar reduction reformulation, is it worthwhile?


“随着越来越多的消费者放弃糖,制造商必须决定降糖是否值得,”said Mascaraque, as such reformulation efforts could negatively impact the sensory experience of the product.

"In recognition of consumer sugar concerns, the prevalence of claims such as “no added sugar”, 'no sugar' and 'low sugar' are likely to grow as manufacturers aim to reassure consumers and differentiate themselves,"她补充说。

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